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Fortune 50 Caliber Marketing is More Accessible Than Ever with Fractional CMOs.

Call it what you will – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), global marketing officer, chief brand officer, VP marketing; most companies have an executive leader that sits at the executive table, partnering with other business heads to create long-term strategies, annual operating plans and projections. Marketing plays an increasingly important role in a company’s success. With responsibilities ranging from creative development and brand management to distribution channel management and analytics, modern CMOs must demonstrate agility, deep business knowledge, and dynamic leadership as they navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. 

A day in the life of a CMO shows a leader that moves from business strategy meetings, to delivering performance results, to planning an energizing company event, to working with creative teams on the next big idea. Fluidly moving from business to analytics, from people engagement to creative visioning, CMOs are using different skills in different rooms, constantly shifting tasks, tapping into different IQ, EQ, and SQ abilities. 

CMOs today must operate as the corpus callosum of an organization, translating analytics into creative and back again. Balancing brand feeling with effective UX design. Diving deep into technology and moving audiences to believe a new vision for the brand, a product, or service. Going deep to go broad. Many companies have strong marketing leaders who are really good at one aspect of marketing, like the proverbial ‘big idea’ guys who rely heavily on their creativity and imagination. Or the ‘results’ guy who feels most at home in the spreadsheets and code. To succeed, though, a CMO must be able to deliver ideas and results. It can be hard to find someone that can move between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. 

A fractional CMO can provide this balance between creative and analytics. By working on a part-time basis on your business, organizations can benefit from the expertise of a seasoned marketer without paying for the cost of a top-tier CMO. Fractional CMOs are usually accustomed to getting started quickly, usually following a proven process that will help them get smart fast AND deliver results. 

Finding a CMO that can jump in and make meaningful contributions within the first six-months is hard to come by. At Coologee, that is what we do. Working with executives on mission-critical strategic initiatives, we have a track record of leading strategic planning and implementing new marketing strategies – either by supporting existing marketing teams or managing the execution with Coologee staff. This balance between consulting and implementation is what sets us apart. Think of us as a little bit of McKinsey with a little bit of branding, advertising agency, and a MarTech implementation partner all wrapped up in one.  

How Coologee Helps. 

We provide Fortune 50 CMO leadership at a fraction of the cost by combining principal vision and leadership with SME executive leadership on a fractional basis, allowing companies to benefit from the knowledge of a top brand CMO on mid-level brand budget. 

Operating as marketing change managers, we work with executives to define go-to-market strategies, lead brand and creative development, consult on marketing operations, conduct MarTech audit and recommendations, establish or optimize branded acquisition programs, and improving current marketing team contributions through training and skill development.