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We design and execute mission-critical marketing initiatives that deliver meaningful long-term results.

What We Do

As strategic, data-driven marketers with deep expertise in digital execution, we partner with brands to help audiences find, choose, buy, use, and love their products and services.

How We Help


Acquisition Marketing

Strategies to turn brand-aware individuals into paying customers demands a multifaceted approach that includes brand awareness, creative development, data analytics, user experience, audience targeting, media planning, and CRM integration amid evolving digital marketing challenges.


Branding & Positioning

Branding and positioning requires consistent messaging and experiences, blending both conscious and subconscious elements, and adapting to the dynamic marketing landscape to engage with the audience effectively, by setting a clear vision, evoking emotions, and building credibility.


GTM Strategy

A GTM strategy is a crucial preparatory plan for product or service launches, encompassing elements like product description, target audience, marketing and communication plans, distribution strategies, and operational details to mitigate risks and ensure clarity in offering and execution.


Marketing Operations

Creating an effective marketing department structure and operational design necessitates an understanding of trends, technology, best practices, and process management, enabling organizations to adapt to challenges, especially in terms of talent acquisition and team cohesion.

Critical in helping to drive our marketing organization forward.
Head of Brand Marketing and Communications, Plymouth Rock 
This team of seasoned pros has our back.
President and Founder,
Tanjman Innovations, LLC
Strategic marketing campaigns and exceptional storytelling.
Director, National Pancreas Foundation

Who We Are

Our leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience both agency and company side.

Cat Kolodij Headshot

Cat Kolodij

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Dino Cattaneo Headshot

Dino Cattaneo

COO & Co-Founder


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