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Marketing Operations.

Marketing departments must continually adapt to new technologies, media types, and distribution channels. The marketing department needed today may be different than the department of yesterday. Designing the right marketing department structure – including operational design – requires a deep understanding of marketing SEMs, MarTech requirements, marketing best practices, and process controls. Marketing operations design defines roles and responsibilities, reporting structures, integrated marketing processes, change management strategies, and communications to enable organizations to adapt to new challenges. 

We hear you. 

Keeping up with advertising, communications, and marketing changes is tiring. Hiring and retaining top talent is hard. Ensuring all team members know their roles and can work together can be frustrating. Sometimes you need help to take a step back, evaluate your current team and operations, and identify changes or additions you need to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges. 

How we help.

We help organizations evaluate their current marketing teams, organizational capabilities, and processes and develop a plan – often in stages – so companies can build the marketing operations they need to succeed. We conduct audits of your existing marketing programs, interview team members to understand their strengths, identify roles your team needs, and recommend new structures, platforms, processes, and change management strategies to help your team adapt and grow. 

What Problems Can Coologee Solve? 

  • Marketing effectiveness evaluation.
  • In-house skills assessment.
  • Marketing organization roles, responsibilities, and reporting structures.
  • Integrated marketing process design.
  • Change communication and management.

What Questions Should I Be Asking? 

  • Do I have the right marketing team to get the job done?
  • What other roles should I have on my marketing team?
  • Is there a better process we could be following to improve marketing?
  • How should my team work together so we can be successful?
  • Are we missing any technologies that can help our marketing team?
  • Which roles should we be hiring for in-house? Which roles should we be outsourcing?

Coologee Services.

  • Marketing Audit
  • Individual and Group Interviews
  • Marketing Needs Assessment
  • Process Recommendation
  • Reporting Structure
  • Marketing Operations Design
  • Change Management

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