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GTM Strategy.

A go-to-market – or GTM – strategy is the best way to prepare for a new product or service launch, or relaunch. The key components of a GTM include: a concise description of what your product/service is, the audience most likely to buy or engage your product/service, how you will bring this product/service to market (including communication plans, connection plans (high level media plans including rough budget allocations, messages, pricing, and offers), and operational plans (distribution strategy,  CRM, UX design, pick/pack/ship, etc.).  

We hear you

Bringing a new product or service to market is risky but spending time planning for a launch – asking the hard questions early and anticipating potential challenges – a company can begin to mitigate this risk by creating scenarios and being crystal clear about what you are offering, to whom, how, and why it matters. 

How we help.

Market dynamics shift; new competitors appear, acquisitions happen, audience needs adapt, and product/service portfolios age out of demand. We work with executives on mission critical initiatives, creating a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that redefines our clients’ approach to marketing. Typically focused on a new product or service, we create holistic, integrated strategies that define opportunities and threats. Working as an extension of your team, we conduct an extensive audit of existing marketing, dive deep into your product or services, analyze the competition, and research audience behaviors, and functional and emotional needs. We deliver a GTM strategy that operates as a blueprint, setting the vision and identifying the tactics and resources needed to fulfill on the strategy.

What Problems Can Coologee Solve? 

  • Developing product/service positioning and messaging. 
  • Offer development and optimization. 
  • Audience segmentation and targeting strategies. 
  • Media and communication channel strategy for launch and beyond. 
  • Identifying target acquisition costs (TAC). 
  • SWOT analysis and competitive audit.
  • High-level measurement and analytics strategy.
  • Strategic plans that serve as a blueprint for launch marketing.

What Questions Should I Be Asking? 

  • How should I position my product or service? 
  • Which audiences are more interested in buying my product or service?
  • What pricing strategy should I adopt? Which offers should I market?
  • Which media channels should I use to tell my story?
  • Is my marketing team able to manage the launch or do I need additional resources?
  • What tactics will work best?
  • Are there any marketing technology platforms missing in my tech stack?
  • How will my target audience react to my new product/service? What is most important?
  • How can I help my product/service stand out in the marketplace?

Coologee Services.

  • Competitive Audit
  • Primary and Secondary Research
  • Integrated Strategy
  • MarTech Audit
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Operations Recommendations
  • Positioning & Message Hierarchy
  • Measurement & Analytics

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