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Acquisition Marketing.

Acquisition marketing, or lead-acquisition marketing, are the strategies and tactics employed by marketers to convert people familiar with your brand into paying customers. These days, most companies ask a lot of their acquisition campaigns; to build brand awareness, differentiate their products and services, test creative approaches, attract qualified audiences, while also delivering leads at an allowable cost per acquisition (CPA). The complexity of acquisition marketing is compounded by the need for expertise across varied disciplines – creative and content development, messaging, data collection and analytics, full-funnel user experience, audience segmentation and targeting, media planning and buying, and customer relationship management (CRM) to name a few. Integration obstacles in marketing technology further add to the complexity, making it an ongoing challenge for marketing organizations that need to deliver results in the new world of acquisition marketing. 

We hear you

The constant evolution of digital marketing, with new platform updates, system requirements, and performance algorithms can be overwhelming, leaving marketers feeling like they are continually building and never truly finished. Despite these challenges, acquisition marketing remains essential for businesses to grow and succeed. 

How we help.

Today’s acquisition marketing is really targeted branded acquisition, in which campaigns must build awareness and consideration, and drive action all in the same connected system.  There are a handful of ‘helpful’ classification systems that break down the critical parts of acquisition marketing – like Google’s 5As – and multiple five-, ten-, and twenty-step process for successful acquisition campaigns that attempt to simplify the complexity, fatigue, and frustration of acquisition marketing. Sure, these listicles and systems are nice for communicating a marketing team’s priorities to executives but implementing strategies across channels to meet a target acquisition cost (TAC) while building brand awareness is really, really hard. That’s where Coologee comes in. 

Marketing reserve troop. 

You can think of us as your reserve troop, charging the field when your current team is stressed, burned-out, or unable to keep improving, building, and changing. We can come in to help implement new campaigns, brands, and marketing technologies for a set project. We also provide continual support for marketing functions when hiring and keeping staff is challenging. 

Not just cake decorators. 

As a client noted, we are “not just cake decorators.” Don’t get me wrong, I like cakes and I think decorations make a moment special. But nice pictures and words alone are not enough to win the battle for new customers. That’s why we built a team that sits comfortably at the intersection between business and marketing, translating business goals into strategic marketing programs. 

Balancing immediate and long-term needs. 

Our approach is systematic and phased, allowing us to balance our clients’ aspirations for fully integrated, entirely measurable, and mostly automated marketing with near-term improvements that deliver results today while building strategies and infrastructures to improve future performance.  

One team.  

We operate as an extension of your team, bridging the gap between strategy and execution. We are to market what design/build companies are for homeowners. We draft the blueprint and help build the programs. We can do a little or a lot depending on your needs.  If your team already has social media, we work with your resources. If you don’t have social media, we will do it for you. 

What Problems Can Coologee Solve? 

  • Identifying target acquisition costs (TAC). 
  • Improving cost per acquisition (CPA). 
  • Targeting higher quality prospects based on customer lifetime value (CLTV). 
  • Using data to inform targeting models.
  • Implementing analytics across the funnel. 
  • Connecting data inputs and feeds.
  • Optimizing throughput across the acquisition funnel.
  • Designing tests to inform target, message, creative, and channel optimization.
  • Conducting structured A/B testing across media, creative, message and offer.
  • Landing page optimization.
  • Brand and message strategies.
  • Offer development and optimization.
  • Creative development and optimization.

What Questions Should I Be Asking? 

  • How can we use acquisition marketing tactics to build brand?
  • What role does brand awareness play in my cost per acquisition (CPA)?
  • Which message or creative approach will improve target response rates?
  • Which segments will be most likely to convert?
  • Which segments will contribute higher customer lifetime value (CLTV)?
  • Which strategies and tactics will help me compete in a competitive marketing place?
  • How can I improve my data collection and analytics?
  • Which offers will perform better?
  • What can I do to improve landing page performance?
  • How do I know which offer works best among my preferred audience?
  • When will I see improvements in my marketing campaign performance?

Coologee Services.

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Content Development
  • Creative
  • Integrated Strategy
  • MarTech
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Operations
  • Positioning & Message Hierarchy
  • Project Management
  • UX Design
  • Website Build

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