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News Room: Rob Halford stars in new Plymouth Rock ads.

Look, it's Ron Halpert from Judas Priest!

The campaign Coologee created with friend and superstar creative Tim Cawley, founder of Hey Let's Go!, got some press. Check out what Brooklyn Vegan said.

In a groundbreaking move, Plymouth Rock Insurance has tapped the legendary Metal God himself, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, as the face of their latest ad campaign. Despite being 70 years old, Halford's energy and enthusiasm surpass those of individuals half his age, making him the perfect spokesperson. The campaign cleverly plays on the "rock" in the company's name, featuring fictional customers getting "Plymouth rocked." Tim Cawley, Chief Creative Officer of HeyLet'sGo, the creative agency behind the ads, wrote the music and lyrics for the campaign's three songs, collaborating with Halford. Despite his intimidating stage presence, Halford was easy-going and collaborative, bringing his rock star charisma to both the vocal booth and set. This innovative partnership promises to be a memorable fusion of insurance and heavy metal, with Halford's iconic voice leading the charge.